Toplife - Train and get rewarded with $1,000

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Paul R.

“I have been training regularly for 4 months. It feels amazing to overcome your weaknesses again and again.”

Michael T.

“I liked the concept, tried it out immediately, and was hooked from day 1!”

Viktor H.

“I completed the training and received $80. Already placed a new bet!”

Christian W.

“I had no motivation to work out at home until I placed a fitness bet through Toplife. The payout is very motivating!!”

Anja M.

“I finally found a training program that is varied, motivating, and helps me lose weight”

Christine W.

“The fitness bet is perfect for getting back in shape! I immediately recommended it to my friends.”

Isabelle J.

“The training plan can be adjusted to individual needs so that difficult exercises like burpees won’t appear during the first levels.”

Sophie T.

“The training is extremely effective and motivating, and the program was super easy to use with my TV and smartphone.”

Ellen D.

“I usually trained together with my boyfriend, and now, for the first time, we both have a real six-pack. We are super proud!”

Jana G.

“I increased my 3-month fitness bet after successfully completing it and then received an even higher payout. This is a really great motivation concept!”

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